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Finanzdiva meets financial optimist Philipp Achenbach

In this podcast, Kat€ chats with Philipp Achenbach about his exciting everyday life as a financial optimist. Get tips on sustainable investment strategies and how to find a “good” investment.

Single Stocks or ETFs: Which investments are good for beginners? 

Single Stocks or ETFs: Which investments are good for beginners?  In this podcast, Finanzdiva talks to Tobias and Christian from in Berlin about ETFs. Admittedly, funds managed by a computer are not particularly exciting. But here lies the key to market success: A boring portfolio makes you rich! Have a listen to find out everything you…
Read more – Das Interview mit Börse Stuttgart

Kristina Nagel from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange explains why women invest their money at least as successfully as men, on Finanzdiva‘s latest podcast.

Say Thanks to Inspiring Female Leaders: Vote for our Financial Justice Champion

As well as helping to close the gender wealth gap through workshops and events, we think it’s important to celebrate what’s already being done. That’s why we’re launching our award for Financial Justice Champion, in recognition of the tireless work of campaigners in the field of financial education and equality. Meet our nominees and vote…
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