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Meet Finanzdiva in Munich (29/11/18)

Find out all about our collaboration with Finanzdiva and get ready for our upcoming event in Munich: A Beginner’s Guide to Investing, on 29th November. See you there!

Single Stocks or ETFs: Which investments are good for beginners? 

Single Stocks or ETFs: Which investments are good for beginners?  In this podcast, Finanzdiva talks to Tobias and Christian from in Berlin about ETFs. Admittedly, funds managed by a computer are not particularly exciting. But here lies the key to market success: A boring portfolio makes you rich! Have a listen to find out everything you…
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What is a Robo-Advisor?

The term robo-advisor is widely used, but many people remain unsure about what exactly it is. Allow us to explain. Basically, robo-advisors are digital asset managers, working primarily with ETFs. Their functionality is based on mathematical formulas and a wealth of historical data. And, being non-human, they make decisions without any emotion. Algorithm-enhanced investment The…
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Work With Us! Fun, Inspiring, Dynamic Workshops for your Team

Financial freedom is hugely motivating, and once people start along the path, their decision-making processes are often transformed. In a workplace setting, practical, inspiring learning about financial issues can lead to employee empowerment – a factor strongly linked to both happiness and productivity. Mind the Gap offers fun, engaging and interactive workshops for companies. Available in…
Read more – Das Interview mit Börse Stuttgart

Kristina Nagel from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange explains why women invest their money at least as successfully as men, on Finanzdiva‘s latest podcast.

Getting Started #3: Börsenhandel für Einsteiger

In the next installment of her brilliant podcast, Finanzdiva reveals how to turn €300 euros into a million. Don’t believe it’s possible? According to Kat€, you don’t have to read dense books by stock market legends like Nassim Taleb, George Soros or Carl Icahn to unlock the secrets of wealth. A famous quotation from the great…
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Getting started #1: Schritt für schritt Vermögen aufbauen

In the next instalment of our content partnership with Finanzdiva, find out her top tips for getting started and building your fortune. Listen up!

Discover the World of Ethical Investing

We all want our investments to be sustainable and protect human rights, but it’s not always easy to tick every ethical and environmental box. Finanzdiva shares her top six things to consider when making ethical investments. Cost: Active management costs money, because eco-funds require checks by external consultants and ethics committees. Risk: Managed environmental funds…
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Investment Income Tax in Germany: A Fairytale by Finanzdiva

  Our friend and favourite finance maven, Finanzdiva, comes with hot tips and tricks to help you save money, time and nerves on investment income taxes. Once upon a time, not so long ago—well, around 2008 to 9—there was a tax reform for capital investments. We were told things would get simpler. But it turned…
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The Best Books & Blogs to Motivate You on the Road to Financial Freedom

  “It’s all well and good learning about financial freedom, but to stay focused and on track, you need ongoing inspiration.”   -Mind the Gap co-founder Leitha Matz, during our summer workshop, Take Control of Your Money and Make it Grow. With those wise words in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favourite…
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