The Bridge Summit - Women and Wealth

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Why Join Us at The Bridge?

Demystify finance

Get tools, information and inspiration for success in all money matters.

Learn to see money not as a source of stress and worry, but as one of freedom and empowerment.

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Listen to Top Speakers

  • Monika Schulz-Strelow
  • Dr Carolin Gabor
  • Jessica Schwarzer
  • André Rabenstein
  • Dr. Mara Harvey
  • Katja (Kat€) Eckardt
  • Natascha Wegelin

... with open Q&A afterwards!

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Take part in Workshops

  • Financial freedom
  • Investing for beginners
  • Savings and retirement
  • Budgeting / financial planning
  • How to negotiate your salary

...and more

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Demystify finance

Do you stress or worry about money? Have you ever thought about investing? Do you feel confident about growing your wealth? Wherever you are on your journey to financial freedom, we can help you along. Join our whole day of workshops and discussions to boost your financial health with practical knowledge and next steps.

And because financial freedom brings empowerment, it leads to more independence and confidence, and less stress overall. This is not just about money, but embodying your best self and enjoying life to the fullest. There is no better time to start—and the results will happen faster than you think.

Ahoy Berlin Coworking & Innovation

Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin

September 15, 2018

10:00 – 19:00

110 Available Seats

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Free Lunch & Drinks

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Event Schedule

Sign in, grab a coffee and get set for the day.

Location:Main Conference Hall
10:00 - 10: 40 - Monika Schulz-Strelow
  • Women on Board
10:45 - 11:25 - Dr. Mara Harvey
  • Bridging the Gender Gaps: Pay, Wealth, Pension
11:30 - 12:10 - Dr. Carolin Gabor
  • Women in Fintech and Finance
12:15-12:45 Panel: Natascha Wegelin, Leitha Matz, Mali Baum moderated by Natalie Holmes
  • Panel - What's Holding Us Back? Financial Freedom Now and in the Future

Location: Main Conference Hall
10:30 - 13: 30 - Future Legends Track
  • Teens’ Coding Session (Community Area): UX workshop in which girls learn how to use design thinking tools to identify problems and prototype an app. Register now

Eat, drink, chat and restore your energy.

Location: Main Conference Hall

14:00 - 15:00 Workshops - Round 1

Keine Angst vor der Börse! So fange ich es an! - Jessica Schwarzer

(DE) Warum du keine Angst vor der Börse haben musst. Tipps und Tricks von Jessica Schwarzer zu richtige Strategie zu finden: - allgemeine Grundlagen zu Aktien, ETFs, Sparplänen - welche Anlagestrategien für dich in Frage kommen?

Wertpapier-Sparstrategien - Simone Hennicke

(DE) Die Frage ist nicht „warum“ fürs Alter vorsorgen sondern doch eher „wie“ sorge ich in Zeiten von Niedringzinsen und Co sinnvoll für den Ruhestand vor. In diesem Workshop erklären wir die wichtigsten Punkte zu einer sinnvollen Sparstrategie mit Wertpapieren für den Ruhestand und erarbeiten uns erste Grundlagen rund um die Welt der Wertpapiere.

Investing for Beginners (shares, bonds, ETFs) - Karolina Decker

(EN) Investing needn't be difficult. Anyone can do it: You just need some basic knowlege and insight - the foundation upon which you can start building your fortune. In this session, an experienced finance expert teaches all the necessary info about investing, and the practical steps to make yor very first investment of many.

Being a Female VC - Mali Baum

(EN) What does it take to be a venture capitalist, and what's it like to be a woman in that world? Hear from an experienced, passionate VC about the highlights and pitfalls of this risky but rewarding career.

15:00 - 16:00 Workshops - Round 2

50 trades of Kat€: Hot Stock Trends and Easy Ways to Invest - Katja Eckardt

(EN) The world of stocks and shares can feel remote, confusing and inaccessible. The truth is, however, anyone can take part and see success – it's all about knowing where to start and how to play the game. Katja Eckard shares her insight and expertise in this session – a must for anyone looking to get on or climb the stocks & shares ladder.

How We Get To Equal Pay - Katinka Brose

(EN) Where are we currently in terms of wage (in)equality? What is the role of business and politics, and how can we contribute on a personal level to increasing income parity? Whose responsibility is it, anyway? What will it take to close the gender pay gap, once and for all?

Getting Something Started: Build Your Business - CoWomen: Sara-Marie and Hannah

(EN) Come join us for an active session focused on discussing what it takes to found a business, build a team, and manage life on the side as well. We want to have open and lively discussions with you, offer our perspective, give you valuable tips, and last but not least: Have fun! Be prepared to be motivated to found a business – the CoWomen way.

The Mental Game of Financial Decision-Making: Lessons from the Poker Table - Tino Engel

(EN) “Life is the sum of all your choices,” as Albert Camus once said. Every day we make thousands of decisions; they shape our lives in all kinds of ways—some obvious, others less clear at the time. It pays to make smart decisions, but while there are plenty of books, talks and theories about decision-making out there, people still struggle—and suffer regret afterwards. In this workshop, Tino Engel, trainer and speaker in the field of decision-making, shines a light on how to make smarter decisions by improving our mental game. Building on his expertise as a former professional poker player, Tino uses poker as a vivid and entertaining metaphor to illustrate his ideas.

16:00 - 17:00 Workshops - Round 3

Investing for Retirement - Lara Hämmerle

(DE) When it comes to your retirement there's simply no room for feeling uneasy. Why you should start saving for your retirement?

You've Got This: The Art & Science of Budgeting & Financial Wellness - Leitha Matz

(EN) Do you find personal finance to be boring, scary or awkward? Let's focus on how healthy finance helps you achieve your dreams. We'll discuss some of the most common mental blocks that keep people in a state of financial inertia, review a path to building stability and wealth and talk about 5 steps to improve your financial situation. You'll walk out of this session with the tools you need to make your next move.

Echter Vermögensaufbau mittels Fonds und Immobilien – so wird es gemacht

(DE) In dieser praxisorientierten Session führt Fintech-Gründer André Rabenstein durch alle für den Vermögensaufbau und das Erreichen finanzieller Ziele nötigen Schritte. Der Workshop zeigt, wie Du Deine Überschüsse einfach berechnen und überwachen kannst. Im nächsten Schritt definieren wir Deine Vermögens- und Sparziele. Darauf aufbauend zeigen wir Dir, wie Du mit Investmentfonds, Sparplänen oder Immobilien einfach und sicher Dein Vermögen aufbauen kannst. André gibt Dir Tools und Tipps an die Hand, dies problemlos zu erreichen. Den Abschluss bildet eine Q&A-Session, um das neu erworbene Wissen zu verfestigen und Dich so um eine nützliche Erfahrung zu bereichern.

Founder, Freelancer, Parent: Financial Tips for Every Woman - Karolina Decker

(EN) Whether you're a founder, freelancer, a mother, a careerwoman, or all of the above - there is a financial strategy that fits your personality and intersecting identities, lifestyle and goals. Discover your unique path to financial freedom and control in this practical workshop.

Location: Breakout spaces in the community area and meeting rooms

Relax and chat with some excellent sounds from our suprise DJ.

Location: Community Area

Who's Speaking?

The Bridge Summit - Women and Wealth

Monika Schulz-Strelow

President of FidAR

Dr. Carolin Gabor

FinLeap GmbH

Dr. Mara Harvey

UBS Wealth Mgmnt

Katja Eckhart

Natascha Wegelin

Madame Moneypenny

Jessica Schwarzer

Top finance journalist

Simone Hennicke

BNP Paribas

Mali Baum

W Lounge

Katinka Brose

Equal Pay Day

Tino Engel


Karolina Decker


Leitha Matz



The Bridge Summit - Women and Wealth

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