Corporate Workshops and events

Corporate Workshops and events

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Financial freedom is hugely motivating, and once people start along the path, their decision-making processes are often transformed. In a workplace setting, practical, inspiring learning about financial issues can lead to employee empowerment – a factor strongly linked to both happiness and productivity.

Mind the Gap offers fun, engaging and interactive workshops for companies. Available in English and/or German, sessions generally run for two to three hours and dive deep into specific topics around personal finances and money.

Employees have ongoing access to all materials, tools and recordings associated with the program.

Benefits to your company:

  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency
  • Quantifiable results you can share with current and future employees
  • Strengthened brand identity
  • Tangible commitment to gender parity
  • Opportunity for media coverage

Benefits to your employees:

  • Decreased stress around personal finances and money
  • Increased happiness and joy
  • Skills and tools of benefit for a lifetime

Our financial education workshops focus on the five
key areas that we believe provide the bedrock of sound money management.
These include:


What are your goals and how will you use money to reach them? Budgeting – how to draw up a spending plan, needs vs wants and prioritising your spending


Why it is important to save? How and where to save, and shopping for a savings account.


Understanding that not staying on top of your money has consequences. Knowing what credit is and how to use it wisely

Financial products

Banking, insurance, mortgages, pensions; student finance.

Everyday money

Tax. How to be a savvy consumer & the cost of independent living. The economy and how it impacts me.

We also offer free workshops for schools.

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