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Who is Mind the Gap e.V.?

Mind the Gap e.V. is a financial education group for all women.

We all have different types of goals, lifestyles, ambitions, worries and ideas – but we have one thing in common: we want to know more about finance, wealth management and financial freedom.

Our mission is to help women to achieve their financial and investment goals. Together!

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We stand for

We stand for

Closing the gender salary gap, gender investment gap and gender wealth gap

Gender equality in the German workplace is not a given: Women earn 21% less than men on average, and government figures on International Women’s Day show women are underrepresented in top jobs.

According to the new World Economics Forum report global gender pay gaps could take 217 years to close. We don’t have this time, we have to act now!

Helping women to increase financial confidence

Only 2% of wealth managers treat and service women as a distinct group with specific interests, according to analysis.

We experience only 59% of the economic opportunities and participation rates that our male counterparts enjoy globally.

Sharing experience with other women

Women hold 30% of global private wealth (= 44 trillion €). We make up 43% of the global high net worth population.

Research shows that companies with 30% female leadership have net revenues 15% higher than companies with only male leaders. So, why do we still feel insecure and uninformed in our financial decisions? MtG want to change it. What if we could change it together? Join us!

Helping women to understand the financial world

MtG does not use financial jargon. We explain what is what and how financial world works. We are independent.

Getting women to their financial goals

MtG understands you and your worries, needs. We see in each woman her individuality. Reach your financial freedom by: Earning more Saving more Investing more Giving more Spending less/smarter

Focusing on best practice

MtG provide you with financial analysis tools, online education programs, financial coaching and expertise and videos from experts.

Join us! It will only take a minute

Work With Us

Work With Us

Fun, Inspiring, Dynamic Workshops for your Team

Financial freedom is hugely motivating, and once people start along the path, their decision-making processes are often transformed. In a workplace setting, practical, inspiring learning about financial issues can lead to employee empowerment – a factor strongly linked to both happiness and productivity.

Mind the Gap offers fun, engaging and interactive workshops for companies. Available in English and/or German, sessions generally run for two to three hours and dive deep into specific topics around personal finances and money.



We are hosting a series of networking events, breakfasts, seminars and workshops.
Everyone is welcome to the all the events, we love new members – and we want to help you succeed!

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Our Team

Our Team

Meet the Mind the Gap e.V. team



Leitha Matz is COO/co-founder of Zuper, a mobile financial coach. With 20+ years of building IT and eCommerce teams, she’s solved problems for companies ranging from FedEx (international logistics) to FreshDirect (online grocery, $600 MM rev/yr). Leitha also volunteers as a mentor/judge for the METRO Accelerator by Techstars and the eBay Startup Cup programs.


Karolina is a CEO and co-founder of FinMarie : the first online investment platform for women in Germany. With more than 10 years experience in banking and financial sector. She has led the Broker Sales Department in Retail Banking in NORD BL as Sales Manager (250 Mio Euro/year). Most recently she was a Compliance Officer in Risk Center of Deutsche Bank. Her mission is to help women to reach their financial and professional goals.


Natalie is a freelance writer and creative consultant. She has many years experience in the travel industry, and an academic background in anthropology, sustainability and international development. These days, she writes a lot about technology and its intersection with society, and is a cofounder of Dangerous Tech , a Berlin-based platform community for digital rights and social impact tech.


Orsi works as People and Organisation Manager at Ming Lab in Berlin. Previously she was responsible for the on-site business administration of Camp Rising Sun, a scholarship based leadership program for talented 15-16 year old students from all over the world. She has extensive knowledge on learning methods, style, designing inclusive learning environment, trainings.


Vitali has a Master of Arts degree in Finance and Real Estate [RICS accredited] from one of the leading universities in Scotland.
He has a high entrepreneurial drive, was a member of the founding team in three early-stage startups and co-founded one company on his own. Over the last three years, Vitali was leading product and operations department in a digital real estate investment platform offering direct and indirect real estate investments for institutional & private investors.


Ewelina studied Law at University of Warsaw, International Business Law at Utrecht University and Finance at Warsaw School of Economics. She worked as a Compliance Officer for Deutsche Bank, where she did surveillance of proprietary and client trading activities for insider dealing and restrictions violation on the leading exchanges in Americas, APAC, EMEA across all asset classes. Subsequently she worked as a Legal Counsel, where she was responsible for drafting and negotiation of Trading Agreements with an external clients. She has been a football referee in Poland, Netherlands and Germany since 2009, including international tournaments.



Philosopher, coach and mentor for start-ups in the field of building a brand, sales strategy and customer service. Founder of the project „Changing Room” which helps women to use their full potential to make the change. However the most important and developing experience for her is as the mother of two wonderful children.


Agnieszka’s expertise lies in a product development strategy, with over 8 years of B2B and B2C experience in marketing and sales management, working also for startups in Berlin. She is very keen on innovations and thinking out of the box. She loves fashion, and spends her free time helping women to find proper clothes that fit to their personality and lifestyle


Result oriented and passionate executive consultant in the area of career transition and recruitment. 5 years of experience in Egon Zehnder International – world top executive company. HR Forum certified consultant, lecturer or outplacement at Koźmiński Univeristy. International award for innovations in outplacement business. Career Councelor with accreditation in outplacement.


Customer Advisor with ten years of experience in the financial and banking industry (SKOK Stefczyka, Nordea Bank, PKO BP). Experience in the sale of insurance products, investment funds and savings products both in the area of ​​the Personal Banking and retail Banking.


Magdalena is an experienced trainer with an international certificate of Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. She conducts workshops on talent and strengths development both in teams and organisations, teams management, emotional intelligence and soft skills development.

Magdalena uses Clifton Strengths® to run individual coaching and managerial sessions, as well as team coaching and educational workshops.

As the Elab Education Laboratory’s consultant she studies students’ aptitudes and supports them apply to the best universities in the world.

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