Achieving Financial Freedom - Together

Financial freedom is a huge piece of the gender equality puzzle. Mind the Gap is a nonprofit working to close the wealth, income and knowledge gap through empowering, educational events and content for all women.

Huge leaps in the numbers of women in education and employment have not led to a proportional rise in income. In Germany, women earn on average 21 percent less than men, and are are underrepresented in top jobs across almost all sectors. Focusing on wealth can help see the picture more clearly, and explain why the gender gap remains so great.

At the same time, women feel unconfident and out of the loop when it comes to financial management and decision-making. That’s not surprising, since most of the messaging remains, in 2019, aimed squarely at men.

Just one in five women in the US say they are confident about their financial knowledge, and many feel their wealth managers do not understand them or their needs (and they would be right—just 2 percent of wealth managers see women as an audience with specific requirements).

From income to savings and investments, women remain on the periphery of the financial sphere; Mind the Gap e.V. exists to bring them into the centre. We all have different types of goals, lifestyles, ambitions, worries and ideas – but we have one thing in common: we want to know more about finance, wealth management and financial freedom. Our mission is to help women to achieve their financial and investment goals. Together!

Working with experts and leaders across multiple sectors, we host welcoming events and create jargon-free content that educates women about what they can do right now to get on the path to financial independence.

Our activities include:

  • Free monthly Meetups
  • Summer workshop series
  • Annual day-long conference
  • Regular newsletter and blog
  • Workshops for companies

We offer women from all walks of life:

  • Welcoming, informative events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Online learning resources
  • Advice, support, community, solidarity